Jordy van Workum en Jason Suttels

Jordy van Workum en Jason Suttels kennen elkaar al jaren uit de skeelerwereld. Dit WK reden zij beiden voor de medailles. En met groot succes, lees hieronder de interviews met beide mannen.

Jordy van Workum and Jason Suttels have known each other for years through skating races. These World Championships they both raced for medals. And with great succes. Read here the interviews with both guys. (English below)

Jongjin Cheon

After Jingjin Cheon won a gold medal in the 500 meter sprint, the man from the Korean press went totally wild. He kept shouting his name and that resulted in the whole crowd yelling the name of the Korean winner ‘Jongjin Cheon’ Even the speakers started firing on the crowd. Who is Jongjin Cheon?