300 meter Holland Cup Heerde

De openingsafstand van de Holland Cup in Heerde was de 300 meter. Bij de senioren reden de beste 12 rijders een finale, voor de overige categorieën telde de eerste tijd. Hieronder vind je de top 10 van iedere categorie.

De first distance of the Holland Cup in Heerde was the 300 meter. The seniors had a final with the best 12 skaters, in the other categories the ranking was made up right away. The top 10 results for each categorie:

Photos: Hidde Muije

The zebras from Czech

At the European Cups we’re used to seeing skaters from the Czech Republic. But most of them come from Prague or Benatky. In Groß-Gerau an unfamiliar team from the Czech Republic pitched their tent. Half of the team dressed in Zebra striped outfits and the other half wearing suits in the Dutch color orange. We were curious to find out more about these skaters…

Pics: Jana Oudová